Montville C1-C2-I-OZ Parcels for sale

Here is a link to a PDF showing properties for sale in Montville provided by Marcia A. Vlaun, our Town Planner.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these properties.  The property classifications included are:

C1-1 Neighborhood Commercial District. Retail storefronts. Allows more business types than B1 districts, including liquor stores, warehouses, and auto shops. Apartments permitted above the ground floor.

In a C2 zone within 100 feet of a residential zone, no building shall exceed three stories or 35 feet in height. A building on a corner lot is encouraged to be at least two stories in height. Multistory buildings with residential uses on the upper floor or floors are encouraged in the C2 zone.

Industrial – Land devoted to research, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, distribution, treatment, or recycling of finished or raw goods, materials, or products.

OZ – overlay zone is a zoning district which is applied over one or more previously established zoning districts, establishing additional or stricter standards and criteria for covered properties in addition to those of the underlying zoning district..


Heather Harris appointed to the Eastern Connecticut Regional Tourism Board

On Monday August 12, Montville’s Town Council unanimously approved the appointment of EDC Commissioner Heather Harris to the Eastern Connecticut Regional Tourism Board.  The Connecticut General Assembly, in its FY ’20-‘21 budget, appropriated funds for the three Regional Tourism Districts: Eastern, Central and Western.  Each district shall promote and market their districts as regional leisure and business traveler destinations to stimulate economic growth.

The Tourism Industry contributes $15.5 billion a year to the Connecticut economy, employing 84,254 direct jobs for a total of 123,521 total jobs supported by tourism in every part of our state. Tourism also generates $2.2 billion in tax revenue to our state, including, $960 million to state and local governments. The Connecticut Office of Tourism stands ready to help us, in any way they can to advance our community’s tourism efforts.

Montville Small Business Resource Forum

Small Business Resource

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019; 6 – 9 PM
Montville High School Cafeteria
800 Old Colchester Rd, Oakdale, CT, 06370

The Montville Economic Development Commission and the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut are pleased to sponsor a Montville Small Business Resource Forum. Information and networking with federal, state and local agencies will be available.

Agencies include the Small Business Administration (SBA), Montville Economic Development Commission (EDC); Eastern CT Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center (SBDC); CT Economic Resource Center (CERC); SE CT Enterprise Region (seCTer); Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE); Foundry 66 (F66); and Signature Properties of New England.

You can to expect to gain business contacts and resources, as each agency will discuss and indicate what it does, and how it can help start and grow small businesses. Information on loans, non-traditional loans, networking, licenses, permits, Business Plans to grow a business, Business Incubators, become a Government vendor, and where to get Real Estate help will be available. This Forum is  FREE!!!

To preregister go to: or contact The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT by calling 860-701-9113.

Agenda (Moderator – Jim Toner – 6 to 9 PM)

Montville, Montville EDC Mayor McDaniel, Walt Hewitt 6:00-6:10pm
Chamber of Commerce Eastern CT Tony Sheridan/Amanda Ljubicic 6:10-6:20pm
Small Business Administration (SBA) Lisa Powell 6:20-6:30pm
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Matt Nemeth 6:30-6:40pm
CT Economic Resource Center (CERC) Beth Wallace; (Lisa Powell/Jim Toner) 6:40-6:50pm
SE CT Enterprise Region (seCTer) Ann Chambers, Frank Dixon 6:50-7:10pm
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Margo Weitekamp 7:10-7:20pm
Foundry 66 Bob Mills 7:20-7:30pm
Signature Real Estate of NE Melissa Giangrasso & Jonathan Leonard 7:30-7:40pm
Visit the tables, network, ask questions, get business cards, etc. Everyone 7:40-8:30pm
Sit Down and Wrap Up Jim Toner 8:30-9:00pm


Best Practices in Land Use and Economic Development

The Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS) is announcing the launch of the ‘Best Practices in Land Use and Economic Development’ certification to recognize Connecticut municipalities for outstanding land use practices.

In creating this program, CEDAS partnered with sponsors Eversource, UI, CNG, SCG, Pullman & Comley, and STV/DPM to present this accreditation as a strategy for sharing information on planning policies and as a catalyst for economic development in Connecticut. Collaborating partners include the Connecticut Economic Development Association, Connecticut Economic Resource Center, the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association, and the University of Connecticut-Department of Extension.

The Best Practices program provides a tool for planners, economic developers, and community leaders to review their existing strategies for economic development and drives them to pursue creative, community specific practices for encouraging investment and smart planning. “This is a great opportunity for staff, commissioners, and elected officials in every community to improve their effectiveness in economic development by reviewing their existing strategies and understanding what they could improve.” said Garrett Sheehan, President of CEDAS.  “We’re interested in giving communities ideas and tools for making improvements that work best for them.”

The program was designed over the past two years with significant input from economic development professionals and planners.  According to Kelly Buck, CEDAS Board Member and Co-Chair of the Best Practices Committee “This program is the result of a unique collaboration including a diverse range of partners. We’ve reached out to share the idea with groups like the Connecticut Developers Forum, the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association and were very interested in learning from communities presently leading the way.”

Communities who document use of established best practices will be recognized and will receive an award at the CEDAS annual meeting in October, 2019.  Applications will be evaluated by a committee of each of CEDAS’ collaborating partners. To demonstrate continuous improvement, applicants may re-submit for recertification every three years and share their successful strategies as models of ‘Best Practices’ for other Connecticut communities. The program will be revised each year to reflect input from communities.

Interested communities can download the application and read more about the program at  Applications are due on September 15, 2019.  Information and questions about the program may be addressed to:

The Connecticut Economic Development Association works closely with the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) to foster economic growth in the state through its support of legislation, connect planners, policymakers, and community leaders with information on development practices and strategies, and to co-sponsor events to attract businesses and investment to Connecticut.