Striking the Right Balance between Land Use and Economic Development

AdvanceCT presented on the topic of “Striking the Right Balance between Land Use and Economic Development” with our partners at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) and the Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS). I want to follow up with the recording and slide deck from the presentation in an effort to help you think through this issue in your community.

As you know, land use regulations or processes can facilitate or impede certain proposed development projects. Economic development and planning/land use functions can seem collaborative or out of sync depending on a community’s approach to them, and this is an even more challenging balance to achieve when one Town Hall staff person is dedicated to filling both roles. However, communities must remember that these are the same land use regulations and processes supported by the broader community through municipal elections and budget approvals and that business-friendly does not mean “no regulations”. I encourage you to think about whether your community is balanced and follow up with AdvanceCT to discuss further.

I also want to highlight the Best Practices in Land Use and Economic Development Program which was created through a partnership between CEDAS and the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association. This accreditation program is a free tool you can utilize to implement actions toward achieving this balance. Further, CEDAS has created a library highlighting case studies from communities in Connecticut that have implemented some of these best practices.

Feel free to reach out to discuss this topic further.