Montville C1-C2-I-OZ Parcels for sale

Here is a link to a PDF showing properties for sale in Montville provided by Marcia A. Vlaun, our Town Planner.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these properties.  The property classifications included are:

C1-1 Neighborhood Commercial District. Retail storefronts. Allows more business types than B1 districts, including liquor stores, warehouses, and auto shops. Apartments permitted above the ground floor.

In a C2 zone within 100 feet of a residential zone, no building shall exceed three stories or 35 feet in height. A building on a corner lot is encouraged to be at least two stories in height. Multistory buildings with residential uses on the upper floor or floors are encouraged in the C2 zone.

Industrial – Land devoted to research, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, distribution, treatment, or recycling of finished or raw goods, materials, or products.

OZ – overlay zone is a zoning district which is applied over one or more previously established zoning districts, establishing additional or stricter standards and criteria for covered properties in addition to those of the underlying zoning district..


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